Terminfo questions

Terminfo questions

Post by Dzung Ph » Wed, 21 Sep 1994 05:23:50


I have a couple questions about terminfo that hopefully somebody can answer
for me.

First question:  Are compiled terminfo files binary compatible across
different architectures ?

Second question: Is there a compiled ftp archive somewhere of lots of terminfo
source files ?

Our situation in our lab is that we have Suns, IBM RS/6000s and an SGI.  
Unfortunately, some machines accept more terminal emulations then others and
some machines emulate terminals differently than others.  So our goal is to
have all the same terminal emulations for every machine and not run into the
problem of a machine not possessing a needed emulation.

Please e-mail any replies.  If the above info is in a faq somewhere, could you
please point me in the right direction ?  Thanks.

   -- Dzung Luu Pham

   The Johns Hopkins University         Department of Electrical and



1. termcap/terminfo question

I'm sorry, it was more of a general question.  I have compiled and installed
versions of ncurses before without trouble - I was mostly interested in
how a program determined to use terminfo over termcap - I've been looking
around, and I assume it's just a series of compiler defines, but as I can
get these questions answered too: (smile)

Currently, I have ncurses 1.9.7a instaled in /usr/lib with synlinks so that
curses points to ncurses.  The included terminfo database is installed in
/usr/lib/terminfo - TERM is vanilla xterm, and TERMCAP is the xterm entry
straight out of the DB, I believe (I haven't messed with it).

As far as my ncurses 1.9.8a problem, I (as a non-root user) just
uncompress and run ./configure, which creates the necessary makefile.
I didn't do anything to the environment variables to either change my
settings to reflect the new library, though.

I'm still playing with ncurses (I'm not "stuck", just learning), but
if you could answer my question above in relation to how termcap/terminfo
works, I'd appreciate it greatly, as my searching today has left me
empty of answers.



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