SMB with dual-fork files?

SMB with dual-fork files?

Post by Jeffrey A. Hawkin » Fri, 01 Mar 2002 09:13:10

Mac OS X is an implimentation of BSD Unix with a big ol' shell on top.

I am able to access my Win NT server via the following:

   mkdir TheShareIWant

However, certain applications seem to either lose their executable-bit
setting, or resource fork... These programs will not execute after copying
them down.

Does SMB not support dual-fork files? Or, might there be something else
going on here?



SMB with dual-fork files?

Post by those who know me have no need of my nam » Fri, 01 Mar 2002 13:14:29

Quote:>Does SMB not support dual-fork files?


okay, have a sig then


1. Can SMB be made to handle dual-fork files?

We have an NT server with some Mac OS X (FreeBSD based Unix) clients. The
default shell on the clients is tcsh.

While new software is being written using single-fork file, there are a lot
of legacy Mac software and files that still use both a data fork and a
resource fork. Transferring these files via a terminal window using
mount_smbfs causes the resource fork to get chopped off.

Does anyone know how to move dual fork files from a command line without
breaking them?

Jeffrey A. Hawkins
Information Systems Supervisor

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