Need Unixware 1.1 BusLogic 742A 747S drivers

Need Unixware 1.1 BusLogic 742A 747S drivers

Post by Dean Carpent » Wed, 16 Feb 1994 05:40:00

  I had sent this post out some time ago, but only got "tell me when
  you find out !" responses ...  So here we go again.  I will post any
  replies or sources I get for those also interested.

  By the way, I haven't yet received a call back from BusLogic tech
  support ...

  Where can I get the drivers for Unixware 1.1 for the BusLogic
  742-A and 747-S eisa scsi controllers ?  I took a look on the
  BBS in the file library, but couldn't find anything.
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1. What driver to use for BusLogic 445S or 747S?


Could someone tell me whether the Buslogic VLB 445S or EISA 747S are
supported by Linux? I read the SCSI-HOWTO and it only listed 742S.

Also, what drivers are to be used for these cards? If it is the 1542b
emulation, can I dma the >16MB range without double buffering?

Thanks for your help.
- Kai S O'Yang, Dept of Comp Sci, Monash Uni, Clayton VIC 3168, Australia  

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