Need recommendations for buying UNIX system

Need recommendations for buying UNIX system

Post by wil.. » Fri, 02 Feb 1990 21:44:00

I want to buy a UNIX workstation.  I'll use it mainly for software
development in C and Prolog.  It should be fast and be available with
a fairly well debugged version of UNIX.  Cost is an important consid-
eration, as I'm still in grad school.  Any recommendations / reflections
will be greatly appreciated and will be summarized, if there's a demand,
to the net.


Willis Johnson



1. Help required with buying a Unix system!

I have a client that is currently running SCO Unix and CAD software
on a 486 DX33, 8Mb RAM, 200Mb HD, Irwin tape drive.

He has asked me to provide an updated system and I have the following
clone system in mind.

        Pentium  166Mhz  
        16 MB RAM
        2 GB SCSI Hard disk
        Quad spin CD-ROM drive (SCSI)
        Adaptec 2940 PCI SCSI controller
        HP Superstor 2 GB DAT back up device
        Idek 17" SVGA monitor (1280 x 1024)
        Diamond Stealth 64 video card (2MB VRAM)
        MS-Mouse and Cherry keyboard  

How ever, I have no experience with Unix, and I am unsure about the
above system and wonder if it is suitable for the job.  

I am in some doubt about the software as well.  Will I need special
drivers, updates / patches, back up software.

I would be very pleased with any help offered.

Thanks in anticipation!

Chris Blunt

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