OSF/1 vs System VR4 ?

OSF/1 vs System VR4 ?

Post by Michael Nels » Thu, 02 Apr 1992 06:57:49

I'm trying to compile a list of features/differences/oddities
of OSF/1 and System VR4.

Any information or pointers to information would be
*greatly* appreciated.

I will post a summary of my findings if there is interest.

Thanks in advance

Michael Nelson


1. BSD vs S5 vs MACH vs OSF/1 (no religion, please!)

Are there some *obvious* reasons (aside from the 'name') that C= (Commodore Amiga) choose to implement ma bells version of UN*X rather than Berkeley or
MACH or OSF/1,(especially the latter)?

Are there obvious things i'm gonna love/hate about the choice?

Please reply by email & I'll summarize...

thanks in advance,

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