Request for E-mail Tutorial Info

Request for E-mail Tutorial Info

Post by dave dav » Fri, 01 Feb 1991 22:33:49

Does anyone have a publicly available e-mail tutorial?  I recall seeing a
ftp site in the past that had a course outline for using e-mail.  I'm
looking for something very basic, to get new users up and running as soon as
possible.  Any help would be appreciated.

Please e-mail me directly; I will resend info to others who are interested.

dave davis


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Hello all,

    I have before me a list of DOE sites and the E-Mail types they use.  I
am looking for clarification of various email packages.  Any information on
the package and producer of the package would be greatly appreciated.  The
packages are:

        Apollo Mail

Also, what, if any are the differences between SMTP and UNIX mail?  
Unfortunatly I am merely a user of mail and not a mail wizard.  Thanks in
advance for any information

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