Need Graphix utility

Need Graphix utility

Post by Ahme » Fri, 19 Jul 1996 04:00:00

Hello every body...

I need a powerful graphics application that works on unix,X-machine,
I want to create logos and several graphical designs...
This application should have the capability of saving on
different formats...

I would appreciate any response , either by mail or by news postin..




1. Need TekTronics 2/4/8 Graphix Mem Mods

        My Fellow Net Subscibers,

        Would someone out there please help me locate
        2, 4 or 8 mb graphics memory modules for a 19 inch
        color TekTroniks XP27 TekXpress Xterminal?  It seems
        that I have purchased a bunch of these units (2nd hand/"as-is"),
        only to find that I cannot run some off-the-shelf office
        automation products.

        TekTroniks will not direct sell the modules. It seems
        that they want a cut of the aftermarket.  They have
        graciously offered a package "upgrade" with appropirate
        service fees tacked on (I susupect).  As you may well
        know, managing a net of xterms on a small budget is often
        challenging.  In accepting this challenge, I am hoping
        someone listening might lend a hand.

        Any hints would be most welcomed by myself at:

                        Doug Miller
                        1200 Church Street
                        Mount Laurel, NJ 08054
                        (609) 727-4600 (Voice)
                        (609) 234-2877 (Fax)

        In advance,

        THANK YOU.

        Doug Miller

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