Wanted: Sources for 'mailx', and multi user chat

Wanted: Sources for 'mailx', and multi user chat

Post by Donald Burr (Superus » Mon, 22 Jul 1991 04:14:33

I'm looking for two pieces of source code.  Pointers to FTP archive sites,
mail archive sites (preferrable), or people that have the code (Email
addresses) would be helpful.

(a) A System V "mailx" or Berkeley "mail" lookalike program.  Basically,
    anything better than System V's supplied "mail" command.  ELM doesn't
    work right on this system, and mush (Mail User's Shell) failed to com-
    pile. (Though later versions of these two packages may have fixed these
    problems; I have yet to see.)

(b) A multi-user "chat" program.  Basically, something that uses fifos or
    message queues or something, to allow several people to chat with each
    other at the same time. (Not just two people, like "talk" does.  But
    something similar)

Please mail all replies to the addresses supplied below.  If anyone else
is interested in this source, I will be glad to mail them a summary, and/or
the code itself (if I recieve it).

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1. mailx getting wrong User in 'from'

We are running ESIX 4.0.4.

Some users are reporting a problem, which I have seen, where the
 From: address on mail they send has ANOTHER user in it.  So when 'dave'
sends a message, it is received as if 'john' sent it.

Happens when the user is either rlogin'ed in or telnet'ed in from
another machine.

Called ESIX tech support with no help.  whoami returns correct info.
finger is correct.

elm exhibits the same problem.
Any ideas?
Mark DiVecchio, Silogic Systems, 619-549-9841                       K3FWT
-----   9888 Carroll Center Road, Suite 212, San Diego, CA 92126    -----

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