Terminal set-up and vi problem

Terminal set-up and vi problem

Post by Yi Qin (BCW P » Wed, 24 Nov 1993 02:30:34

Hi, netters.

If this question is already beaten to death, please could
anyone point me to the appropriate FAQ list? Otherwise, I'll
appreciate someone email me about the tricks.

My problem is connected with rsh/telnet/rlogin and use of vi
in X Windows. I have in my .login file the following lines:
set noglob; eval `tset -e^H -r -Q -s`;
eval resize

When I rsh to another host from an xterm and start vi, there
alsways some long lines wrapped around and do not appear in
the next line. The text above the long line is push upward.
The top of the text disappears.

I guess I haven't got the terminal set-up right, or I haven't
given the correct option(s) for vi in EXINIT.

Please drop me a line if it's easy to fix.

Thanx a lot in advance.


PS: BTW, after rsh, TERM is xterm.


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I seem to be having a terminal setting problem rather than a vi
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When I try to enter numbers from the numeric section of the keyboard in the
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the command prompt it behaves normally.  I guess vi resets the terminal
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Everything behaves normally when I access Unix without exceed using telnet
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Anybody an explanation ?

Note: We access Unix thru the Hummingbird Xceed X terminal software on an
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