copying 8mm tapes through dd and rsh

copying 8mm tapes through dd and rsh

Post by Joshua A. La » Tue, 07 Sep 1993 04:35:32

I'm trying to copy an 8mm tape onto another tape. We have tape drives
connected to various machines, so I'm trying something along the lines

rsh -n machine dd if=/dev/vrsmt0 | dd of=/dev/vrsmt0

Now, I've tried this specifying ibs (in the rsh'd dd) and obs (in the
local dd) for 20b, 512, and 1024. I've tried going to the remote machine
and piping the dd through rsh to the local machine. I've tried rsmt, nrsmt,
nvrsmt, and various combinations of those with various ibs/obs settings.
I've tried conv=sync on the local side. I've tried conv=block. I've tried

I can't think of anything else to try. Every one of these causes a
Media read error: I/O error when running our "restore" program (which does
work on the original tape). Sometimes the dd gets the number of records
in and out to match those of the remote dd, sometimes it doesn't.

Does anyone *please* have any ideas of how to do this?

 Joshua A. Laff, CRL Head Operator, UofI          (217) 333-7408

Disclaimer: If I were speaking for the UofI, I wouldn't be paying tuition.


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try '# tcopy /dev/rmt<source#> /dev/rmt<target#>'


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