doc for hp9ks300 assembler pseudo-ops for cdb ...

doc for hp9ks300 assembler pseudo-ops for cdb ...

Post by Minh Tran- » Sat, 24 Nov 1990 18:41:38

I need to see if I can make gcc generate the correct debugging info
for the hpux asm on an hp9000s300 (m6800).

I am trying to find out if any hp gurus reading this bboard may have
some documentation on these pseudo-ops:

Minh Tran-Le.

uucp:    ..uunet!icmv!mtranle


1. assembler message, Unknown pseudo-op : .section

 Hi, I installed binutils- as 'arm-aout' targetted.
When I assemble a simple example with arm-aout-asm, it
complains that
    Error : Unknown pseudo-op '.section'
    Error : Unknown pseudo-op '.previous'

When I look into the GAS manual, there exists the directive
'.section'. I can't figure out why this happens. Can anyone
explain this or advise?

Thank you for any kind or help or advice.

Lim, Sung-taek

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