system monitoring tool

system monitoring tool

Post by Costel » Tue, 19 Mar 1991 21:42:09

   I am in need of a public domain package which monitors and displays
information about the system while an application is running. The infor-
mation would include such things as CPU usage, memory usage, IO device
usage, etc. I would like to be able to start up this package along with
the application and have it periodically spit out the desired info.
Unix commands such as "ps" and "time" aren't informative enough (at least,
not as far as I can tell). I am running a Mac IIx with A/UX 2.0. I
would really like some source code to such a monitor tool. Thanks for

Cheers! /Roger

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We have a performance problem with a SCO UNIX V2.1 system. The sar -u
command gives that the system idle percentage is often 0%.

I think we have to many users on the system. What kind of hardware
is recommended for a 30 user administrative system. Sar gives an average
of 200 processes (30 of the 200 processes are Cobol programs, the rest is
sh, getty, etc)  and 500 open files.

Is their a tool available to see which process eats the most cpu cycles ?

Thanx in advance.

--Sjaak Kaandorp

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