Q : Digital Unix 4.0 login problem : 'No directory!' & 'No shell!'

Q : Digital Unix 4.0 login problem : 'No directory!' & 'No shell!'

Post by JAgr » Thu, 13 Mar 1997 04:00:00


We have a problem in a DEC Unix related to logins.
We can't access that machine except via root logins.
The login process ( I think ) reports an error :
'No directory!' if login in under normal login prompt
or doing 'su - someuser' and reports 'No shell !' if
we do 'su someuser' :(

There's no problem with directories since they all
exist and pwck gives no warnings on that, the same
applies to the shell.

The system was working fine until we had a problem in
a secondary disk and lost sme filesystems. There was
no big problem since we had no data in it at the
time. We have also configured the NFS server on the machine
since the failure. The problem was only detected after
those changes were made in the system so we can't point
the finger on any precise cause.Also, /etc/passwd was edited
directly with vi and someone told us that the problem might
be there. Since that, we have executed
'mkpasswd -v /etc/passwd' after removing ( and also without
doing it ) the passwd.pag and passwd.dir files without any
results, and all editing is now made via vipw :(

The system is in BASE security mode, if that matters ...

This is probably a stupid problem but it's there and we can't
solve it.Does anyone knows a solution ?  We need to put that
machine up and running fast.

Any help will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

        Jorge Agra


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Ray Fallon

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