NFS not working correctly

NFS not working correctly

Post by Juan Lorenzan » Wed, 13 Jan 1999 04:00:00

I need some advice as to how to configure NFS.  I have two FreeBSD boxes
running 2.2.2.  I would like to setup one as the server and the other as
a client.  I tried to do this, but encountered some problems.

On the client, I get

nfs server nfs1: not responding

The settings on the server are:
nfsd -t 6

The settings on the nfs client are:
nfsiod -n 6
mount_nfs -T -s -i -w 1024 -r 8192 nfs1:/u /u

Other than the settings, I am not running rpc.statd nor rpc.lockd.  I
can run pretty well, but if I start writing to an nfs mounted directory,
it only takes a few seconds before I see this messages and the processes
that were writing/reading lock up. Immediately I start getting the not
responding messages on the console. Other machines (SCO) running an nfs
client work just fine.  I do see the same messages on there consoles but
not at the same time as I do on the FreeBSD client.  However, on those
boxes (SCO) the not responding message is followed by a  "nfs: server
ok" message.  Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.


Juan Lorenzana
AG Communication Systems
Phoenix, AZ



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I need to run the user nfs daemon, so I shut down the kernel nfs
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Any ideas will be greatly appreciated!

SuSE 7.3/Bash
__| Thanks! |__

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