NCFTP support

NCFTP support

Post by William Sta » Thu, 15 Jun 1995 04:00:00


        Is it true that some FTP sites do not support NCFTP?  If this is
the case can you name a site that doesn't?  For that matter why is this so?
        Please e-mail your responses as I don't often get to read news,
thank you.

                                        - William F. Stark


1. NCFTP 1.70 w/term support compile error

I am attempting to compile NCFTP 1.70 but keep getting the error that the file
client.a cannot be found (it is currently look in the directory where I told
it to find my term source code /usr/src/term117). The readme told me to do 2
things: 1) add -DTERM_FTP to the SDEFS and 2) add the path to client.a to LIBS
(I think he actually meant to add it to LIBDIRS). Unfortunately, I don't HAVE
a client.a file and therefore I can't tell it where to find it. Perhaps
someone can tell ME where to find it? Is it in a disk set that I don't have?
It definately is NOT on my system (I did a FIND -regex client.a to no avail).
There are programs in the term source directory such as client.c, client.h,
and client .o.


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