Making rz work on Unix

Making rz work on Unix

Post by Mingfang » Fri, 15 Jul 1994 16:08:34

I know this topic has come up before but the suggestions responding to it
didn't work in my case, so I'd like to ask again.

I compiled rzsz on the Unix system at work so I can upload and download
files more quickly. It seems sz works just file.  I get 1600cps or more
when downloading files.  But rz won't work.  When I try it would first
transmit files at much higher cps and then adjust back and forth.
Eventually nothing works out.  Did try some of the options but seems the
program would reject those options anyway.

So if you have suggestions that would help solve this problem I'd
appreciate very much your assistance.


1. Anybody got rz/sz to work on their UNIX system?

I've got the rz/sz (zmodem send/receive) code built and installed
on a 4.3 BSD system.  I also dialed up to this system from a PC.
I've been working on a zmodem send/receive functions from the PC
(using Greenleaf's Commlib package, this package comes with
zmodem send and receive functions ) and wanted to test
the file transfer to/from this UNIX system.  I can't get either type of
transfer to work at all.  I'm guessing the problem is with the UNIX
side (rz/sz), because I thought I had read a few postings before
saying that people have had trouble with them.  Are there any
things I need to do (like with the stty command, or any other
configuration tools, even hacking the rz/sz code!) that will
let me transfer files successfully?

Thanks to all.


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