Korn Shell source code/executable..

Korn Shell source code/executable..

Post by Vineet Sachd » Wed, 24 Feb 1993 11:07:37

We have a network of SUN sparcstations running SUN OS 4.1.3 and below,
and hence don't have access to Korn shell source code or executable.
Does anybody know if it is public domain and if yes where I can find it.

Any help in this matter will be appreciated...



1. where to get korn shell source code for RH9 linux


i am coming from solaris where we always use ksh as default shell and not
use to the bash in the RH linux.  Does anyone know a place that i can
download ksh source so i can compile it in linux?  i tried www.kornshell.com
where they point me to http://www.research.att.com/sw/download/ and the code
is not working for me.  It reqires nmake to make it, which linux does not
have nmake either.  i managed to get the nmake binary from them too but then
it says missing libraries.

please help.


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