32-bit C/C++ & Fortran compilers question

32-bit C/C++ & Fortran compilers question

Post by Jeffrey Mark Ham » Thu, 31 Dec 1992 06:58:02

I'm new to this newsgroup, so please excuse me if I'm asking in the wrong
place.  I'm looking for C/C++ & Fortran 32-bit compilers for a 486-based
pc.  I'm currently leaning towards OS/2 but am also very interested in a
pc Unix.  I'd like minimal (read that zero) problems with object file and
run-time compatibility, so I'm thinking same vendor for both compilers.
The purpose of the compilers is to do some number-crunching (bet you
guessed that).

From what I could find in ads for Lahey, Zortech, Borland, MS, Watcom, &
Microway, only Microway's NDP (Numeric Data Processing) compilers meet
all my specs for OS/2.  Also from what I could find, Microway makes
the only affordable (for my not deep pockets) such compilers for a pc
unix, which is the Coherent unix.  I think Coherent is a 32-bit standalone
Unix, but I'm not sure.  So...

If anyone would care to offer advice, suggestions, experiences, or other
comments on Microway's NDP C/C++ & Fortran 32-bit compilers for the i486
(or for the i386, if you've experience with that), I'd really appreciate
it.  I'd also be interested in any thoughts on Coherent unix (if it's not
32-bit, I'm probably not interested-- sorry I'm not clear if it's 32 or
16).  Or if you know of some alternative I've missed, I'd appreciate
hearing about that, too.

Please post your replies to the group if you'd like others to benefit
from your comments as well, but if you do, please also send me email, as
I don't always get to read news on a timely basis.

Thanks a whole bunch for all your help,



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