Future Domain TMC-885 and ISC Unix 2.0.2/2.2 ?

Future Domain TMC-885 and ISC Unix 2.0.2/2.2 ?

Post by Thomas Lieni » Fri, 07 Jun 1991 10:50:42

A friend of mine who does not have access to the net has spent several
hours trying to make ISC Unix 2.0.2 or 2.2 recognize his Future Domain
TMC-885 SCSI Host Adapter.
Since the FD manuals don't mention the availability of a driver for
that purpose and FAXing/calling tech support is quite expensive from
Germany to USA, I would greatly appreciate any comments/pointers whether
using ISC is at all possible with that board. The installation procedure
keeps saying that it can't read the drive geometry. Our point of hope
is that at least ISC 2.0.2 includes drivers for *other* Future Domain
SCSI boards; however, linking a new kernel with that driver doesn't
seem to work.

I'm sorry if this is a FAQ, but it's been only a few days since I
started reading this newsgroup.

Thomas Liening

Thomas Liening * Roennebergstrasse 14 * 1000 Berlin 41, Germany, Europe
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I'm trying to load RH5.1 onto an old computer I have at work that has a Future
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The only information I can get on the card says that it has a bios jumper to
set it's address (CA00) and an IRQ jumper. I can't figure out what the io port
address is.

The bios sees this card at boot and the 'puter currently is runnig DOS.

Any Ideas what the IO port is?

Also, how do I feed this into the RH installation options question?




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