Passing telnet sockets between apps.

Passing telnet sockets between apps.

Post by The Great Mr. Kurt » Sun, 17 Dec 1995 04:00:00

I am considering offering an "alternative" telnet service on my
soon-to-be unix-clone box.  I'm looking for a way to allow a user to
login with a special name and have his/her socket passed to an alternate
program.  Passing the number wouldn't be hard -- I could always use a
text file, provided that I remember to wait until the file doesn't exist
before creating it again to avoid losing users in-between processes.  The
question is, once my talker/mud/moo/m** has the socket number, how can it
take over control of the socket from the login program?

Any ideas would be appreciated.  Please carbon responses by email if
possible, as I'm not sure if my newsreader will work from day to day, and
I'm not sure if I'll get around to looking for responses, as the holidays
are coming up.


|David A. Gatwood             And Richard Cory, one calm summer night,  |

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Okay.  So my newsreader isn't the greatest and vi isn't the friendliest.
Sorry.  Anyway, I am considering setting up an alternative telnet service
such as a MUD, talker, MOO, M**, etc. on my soon-to-be-functional unix-clone
box.  I'd like to make it more idiot-proof than most, allowing people to
access the alternative service by telnetting directly to port 23, just like
normal and typing something different for the username (like talker, etc).
I've seen this done on one box here on campus in which users could select any
one of multiple services (although granted that was through tn3270).  While
it shouldn't be too hard to pass the socket number or whatever, I need a way
for the second program to take over the socket and free up the regular login
process to handle *real* logins.  How can this be done?

Any ideas?  Please respond by or cc by email, as I may not get back to a
terminal soon, with Christmas break coming up, and all.

David A. Gatwood

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