Looking for software to display troff output to X windows

Looking for software to display troff output to X windows

Post by Lance Hartma » Thu, 01 Aug 1991 22:28:18

I heard somewhere that there might be software (or data file(s) in
"/usr/lib/font"???) so that you could pipe troff output to X windows
which could display the "special" features like bold, italics, drawings,
etc.  Can anyone suggest if this is possible and how to accomplish this?
For "regular", ie. non X displays, we've used "nroff -Tlp | col -b" which
was okay, but would like to take more advantage of the X displays if

Thanks in advance,

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Okay, here is the scenario:

We are wrapping a curses interface around some data management routines
that use ftp to retrieve files from non-local file systems.

We have the transfer working as expected, but we have piped any output
from ftp to /dev/null.  Some of the files to be transferred are fairly
large, and we would like to provide feedback to the user about the progress
of the transfer.  Ftp's hash mark printing would be just fine with us
( already implemented ), but because ftp doesn't recognize the curses
windows, it garbages the display.

The question:  Is it possible to somehow force the output from ftp
to stay within the window and still update dynamically.

Redirecting to a file and then reading in from the file loses the
interactive display.

Clearing the screen, making the system call, and then reinitializing the
screen is probably the path of least resistance, but seems aesthetically

Forking a child process with stdout rebound to a pipe back to the parent
would probably work, but none of the programmers involved have
played with this scenario before and we are on a fairly tight time schedule.

It seems to me what we want is a way of lying to the system call about
where the window starts and how large it is, while at the same time creating
a non-scrolling border area on screen.

Hardware: Sun 3's and Sun 4's
OS: SunOS 4.x

Mail me with replies and I'll post a summary to the net.

Thanks in advance.

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