Directory Structure Question

Directory Structure Question

Post by Jeffrey Edward Ku » Sat, 19 Jun 1999 04:00:00


I've used Unix for a few years, but really have not spent too much time
to really learn it.  I've basically figured it out as I went along
and used my knowledge of DOS.   However, I ahve a slight problem that I
can't figure out, which actually may turn out to be quite simple.   I
don't know.    Anyway, here's the problem:

I have the following directory structure for my webpages


Those are all subdirs of /public_html
Now, I have html files in /wilbur and I want to make a link in one
of those files in the /wilbur directory to a photograph that is in

Would this syntax work for the link, or is there something simpler?

Is there soemthing I can do like: /../pictures/filename.jpg      ??

Any help would be appreciated.


Jeff Kuhn


Jeff Kuhn                                         Consumer Economics Snr


1. Directory structure question

Been lurking a while and haven't seen this one posted... My site is
starting to get to the point where having all my sites files in one
place is becoming a pain.

On medium to large web sites with many pages and associated elements,
what is the groups thinking on directory structure?

Main page and associated elements in the document root and a seperate
subdirectory for each sub page and associated elements
Keep all the HTML together in the document root, all the images together
in a images directory and other stuff in a similar structure
Keeping everything together in the document root

Thanks -Rob-
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