HELP: I've lost the console

HELP: I've lost the console

Post by Mike Milleg » Thu, 18 Dec 1997 04:00:00

I am a high school teacher running HP-UX 9.01 on an HP9000/720 server
with 30 X-stations on a lan.  As a part-time system administrator, I
can handle routine problems fairly well, but I've got one that has me
completely puzzled.

One morning, I logged in at the console as root, did what I wanted to
do, then logged out.  Later in the afternoon, I tried to log in again,
but was refused (login incorrect).  I then tried my personal login
name and password (which has root permissions), but it, too, was
refused.  I then tried a generic account (with only standard student
user privileges) that I use for testing and I got right in.  I went
over to one of the X-terminals in the lab, logged in as root and it
worked fine.

I had a similar problem last year and there was some kind of security
file that HP support told me to check that listed all users with
permission to log in as root on the console.  Unfortunately, our
software support contract with HP has been discontinued and I cannot
find my notes.  I don't know if this is the same problem or not.

Another thought I had was to check the /dev/console file, it had a
major number and a minor number of zero.  Is that right?

As I said above, I can get in through the X-terminals on the lan, but
I would prefer to use the console (with its 21 inch monitor and all my
references at hand).  Can anyone give me any ideas?

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