LZH program wanted... Please Help

LZH program wanted... Please Help

Post by Wayne Ng » Wed, 07 Mar 1990 08:21:09

Is there LZH program exist for Unix systems???  Or even source codes??
If so, could someone please mail me a copy of source if possible??

We are using DYNIX V3.0.12  (a deviation of Berkeley unix)



1. Unix .lzh 2.x decompression routines WANTED

Someone has recently  sent me a  lot  of files in .lzh format,  together
with a PC program that decompresses them. The  help file claims that the
LHA program is v2.11, by Irv Hoff cleared by Yoshi-san.

My   old xlharc program  (which came   in  a neat  NeXT program   called
"Opener")---C-LHarc for UNIX   Version    1.00  by Y.Tagawa,   Kai   Uwe
Rommel---claims that
        xlharc Error: Sorry, Cannot Extract this method.
when asked to extract, although it can still list the directory contents.

So,  I need a Unix program,  preferably BSD or NeXT-compatible, that can
extract these newer-format .lzh files.


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