Autologout - idles program - detecting inactivity from a modem port

Autologout - idles program - detecting inactivity from a modem port

Post by Bryce Hilt » Thu, 07 Jul 1994 03:10:13


        I'm using a program called "idles" that logs users out after a
period of inactivity.  The program periodically stats the tty files to
see the last time they have been changed.  This seems to work for most
situations, except when a user:
                                logs in by modem
                                gets to a shell through telnet or ftp
                                hangs up without exiting the shell

        I've tested this myself, and after looking at the stat
information, find that somehow the tty file is updated continuously, and
there is no idle time.  I checked this by the "w" command and by directly
examining the stat information with my own program.

        Also, I've noticed that the JCPU and PCPU seem to reflect the
time idled.  

        What to do!?  

                                Bryce Hilton


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