Need help mounting CD

Need help mounting CD

Post by Pete Delgad » Thu, 30 Oct 1997 04:00:00

Make sure that the CDFS option has been enabled in your kernel.
This will allow you to mount ISO 9000 CDFS disks.

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1. need help mounting CD

I have a AlphaStation 200 4/233 with Digital Unix 3.2C FIS. I have been
unable to mount a CD-ROM. PLease help.

I have formatted and mounted a floppy disk, so I know how to do that.
I have run

show dev from the console and gotten this

dka0.      DKA0      RZ26F  1Q0A
dka400.  DKA400  MATSHITA CD-ROM CR-506 8S05
dva0.      DVA0
ewa0.    EWA0     08-00-2B-E7-EB-36
pka0.      PKA0       SCSI Bus ID 7

so the drive is being found, right?

I log in as root and put a CD in the drive.
at the # I type
mount -r -t cdfs /dev/rz4c /mnt

and I get back
/dev/rz4c on /mnt: I/O error

I tried mounting to /cdrom, but there was no such directory, so error
I made a cdrom directory and then tried again but got the I/O error

at the # I type
file /dev/rrz4c
and I get back
/dev/rrz4c:   character special (8/4098) SCSI #0 RRDxx disk #32 (SCSI ID


I try:
# file /dev/rz4c
and get
/dev/rz4c: block special (8/4098)

PLease help!
Let me know what to do or tell me what else you need to know before you
can give me an answer.
Daniel Minor

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