Hardware recommendation wanted

Hardware recommendation wanted

Post by Bernd Knochenhaue » Fri, 17 Jan 1997 04:00:00

Hello everybody,

First of all let me say: I am pissed !

I'm pissed about the Windows / Intel cartell, to be a little more
precise. I've been using Linux for a while now, and although this is
the first UNIX derivate I've been using, I think I got pretty much
to like this OS. Since I'm not quite satisfied with the performance
of my P120 anymore, I'm considering to buy a new, complete system and
I could use some advice on which platform offers the best for the
following things I'd like to do:

- C/C++/database and application development under X, Motif or
  maybe CDE
- graphics processing/rendering
- networking as in terms of internet connectivity (i.e. the system
  should have a nice package of tools that make life easier when
  you're designing web-pages, run a server to develop CGI's etc.)
- even though this might sound funny, I should be able to "use"
  some of the standard Windoze software, mainly Office through a
  more or less flawless emulation (some customers actually require
  me to offer them Excel sheets and Word documents...)

Systems that come to my mind right now include:

- Alpha based systems
  running Linux or Digital Unix 4.0,
  maybe using NT 4.0 with FX!32 to run Windoze software

- Sparc/Ultrasparc based systems
  preferably SUN, even though Ultrasparc is probably way too expensive
  but offers better performance,
  Solaris 2.5 would be the OS choice here and WABI to emulate Windoze

- MIPS based systems
  thinking of an O2R10000 here, IRIX 6.3 and SoftWindows95

The system should have at least 64MB ram, SCSI (maybe UltraSCSI),
an OK graphics card for the beginning, Ethernet, the OS and a broad
selection of software shipped with it.

Price should be around $10.000,- , and an additional $1500-$2000 for
a real good monitor.

Anyone's recommendation who's an experienced UNIX developer would
be greatly appreciated.


Bernd Knochenhauer

PS: forgive me my clumpsy english - I'm a Kraut :-)))


1. PCI hardware recommendations wanted; Will post summary

Could someone please recommend to me a PCI SCSI and Ethernet adapter
that works well together under Linux (preferrably the latest kernel)?
I've read the SCSI, hardware, and Ethernet howtos, but I'm still
confused as to what would be some good choices.  I'd like to get
a SCSI controller that supports WIDE and NARROW drives at the
same time, can handle up to 15 SCSI devices, and supports active
termination.  A controller made by CSC (Corporate Systems Center)
seems to fit the bill...it has a NCR BIOS on it (version?) and it
costs $189 (US dollars).  Another one I'm looking at is the
NCR 8100S...I don't know what its features are
unfortunately...could someone help me out here?  The 8100S  
wasn't mentioned in the SCSI howto btw...I do know that it's
PCI-based.  Also, I'm taking a look at WIDE SCSI controllers
manufactured by Adaptec and Buslogic.  I was strongly
considering getting an Adaptec 2940W, but I heard that a lot
of people had problems with them...likewise with PCI units
made by Buslogic.  So, besides NCR I guess that leaves
Qlogic.  I heard someone mention in C.O.L.H. that Qlogic
makes a board that *SMOKES*.  It has a RISC chip on board
and there are kernel patches available to get it to work
with the latest kernel.  Would this be a good board to
get?  How stable is it?

As for an Ethernet adapter, I'm considering ones that are based
on the DEC 21040 chip.  Would the SMC Etherpower PCI be a
good choice?  The Ethernet howto mentioned that the person,
Donald Becker, who wrote the generic 21040 driver did the
test work on a system that had a SMC Etherpower on it.  So,
the Etherpower would seem to be a safe choice.  I understand
that the generic 21040 driver is still in the ALPHA stage.
Is this correct?  How stable is this driver btw?  I'd like
to hear some comments from people who've used a 21040-based
adapter in their PC w/ Linux.  If anyone is interested I'll
post a summary at the end of this week.  I'm sure that
there are plenty of people who are wondering what are
some good choices of PCI Ethernet and SCSI boards...I see
people inquiring all the time about this in C.O.L.H.
May I suggest then that someone might want to write a
PCI howto or mini howto?  I'd imagine that a lot of people
would find such a thing to be very helpful.


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