TRN and Newsgroups

TRN and Newsgroups

Post by Blak » Sun, 13 Dec 1998 04:00:00

My ISP is using BSD 3.0.  I am trying to get familiar with UNIX.  I wanted
to try and join some newsgroups using TRN.  I type 'l' to get a listing,
then of course when I see something I want, then I cancel out of the listing
and type "gcomp.unix.questions".  Then I get this statement "Newsgroup
comp.unix.questions does not exist!"

Could my ISP limit this feature to its shell account users?




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i'm having difficulty posting to a moderated newsgroup using

then asks to send or abort, it chokes with this line:

Remote error: cannot open /etc/ No such file or directory

which is not true.  /etc/ is there, proper, set

the problem does not show up for non-moderated newsgroups (as you can
see), but only when Pnews has to submit through a moderated group's
mail address.  sendmail sends a test message correctly when invoked
from the command line, and from mailers like elm.

i'm using trn v3.6 (NNTP access), slackware v2.something.

any ideas?

bob galloway              su 1185 williams college williamstown ma 01267
prince of the goo-goos         <*>

bob galloway              su 1185 williams college williamstown ma 01267
prince of the goo-goos         <*>

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