April 1990 Silicon Valley AT&T UNIX Users' Group Meeting

April 1990 Silicon Valley AT&T UNIX Users' Group Meeting

Post by Thad P Flory » Sun, 22 Apr 1990 16:57:32

Following is the notice sent to the San Jose Mercury News for publication:

        -- WEDNESDAY  April 25, 1990 --

        AT&T UNIX Computer Users' Group - South Bay - will meet at 7 p.m.
        in the AT&T Building, 1090 E. Duane Avenue, Sunnyvale, CA.

        New users' workshop with Sharon Stluka of AT&T begins at 6:30 p.m.

        Call Thad Floryan at (415) 961-5157 or (408) 985-7100 for more info.

of RSW in Santa Cruz, CA (Robinson Schaffer Wright) who will be discussing and
demo'ing their "/rdb" database product which runs on various UNIX platforms.

Also on the agenda for this meeting is the nomination and election of officers
for the forthcoming year, 1990-1991.

Both featured activities will be followed by the "Random Access" session in
which everyone is invited to participate: to air your questions and problems,
to help others with their dilemmas, or just to have a good time.  :-)

Who should attend?  Most attendees own UNIXPCs (aka 3B1 aka PC 7300), and many
have 6386 WGS and 3B2 systems (e.g. 3B2/310, etc.).  EVERYONE is welcome and
invited to attend!

I usually ask that you e-mail me for a map and/or directions, but since I'm
back to a 25-hours/day work schedule, I cannot answer e-mail promptly, so the
"dreaded map" is enclosed below.

Hope to see you there this Wednesday!


Meetings are held at the AT&T facility in Sunnyvale (see map below):

        The AT&T Building
        1090 E. Duane Avenue
        Sunnyvale, CA

The facility is located on Duane, just one block south of US 101 (Bayshore)
just off Lawrence expressway.  From 101, get onto Lawrence, turn right onto
Duane, and proceed straight onto AT&T property; follow the perimeter road to
the "back" of the building, park in the visitor's area, and enter through the
multi-doored entrance.

"Rough" map:
San Francicso <-----------------------+----------- US 101 -------- > San Jose
     ________________ \               |
         |           \ \              |
         |            \ \             |
         |    +-----+ |  \            |
     park     |     | |   \           |
              |AT&T | |    \  DUANE   |  OAKMEAD PARKWAY
     enter->  |     | +---------------+---------------------
              |     |     ^           |      FRY's Electronics
              +-----+     |           |
                          |           ^
                          |           |
                          |           Lawrence Expressway
beginning of AT&T property+

Meetings are in the Large Conference Room (center of the building); the guards
can direct you to the location.


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On June 3rd, Larry Wall will speak to the Silicon Valley Linux Users
Group at 7pm. Larry Wall is the original author of several free
programs such as Perl, patch, and rn. He is also the one of the
coauthors of Programming Perl. He will speak about the way he used
X10, Perl, and Linux to control his home.

Everyone is invited to the meeting.

This meeting will be held at the Gateway Conference Center, Building
J, Cisco Systems. The address of the conference center is
 255 W. Tasman Drive
 San Jose, CA 95134

Maps and directions are at http://www.svlug.org/meetings.shtml.
Our main web page is http:///www.svlug.org

We hope to see you there.

Afterwards we'll all go out to eat.

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June 20 installfest and workshop
July 1 at 7pm...Mitch Wyle on Vim and Ben Wing on XEmacs
July 18 installfest and workshop

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