System V questions

System V questions

Post by munc.. » Fri, 20 Feb 1998 04:00:00

I have been reading "Inside Unix" 2nd ed. , New Riders Press, 1996 and
I would like more up to date info on what current systems fully
support the System V command set...

I an in the process of getting a non commercial version of SCO, and
RedHat Linux 4.2...I am also thinking of getting the newest version of
FreeBSD but my older book says it does not support Sys V...

Can someone point me...tried searching...too many hits...could not


Dave Hyer aka munchkin


1. Unix System V questions / Bourne Shell questions

Does anyone know of a commmand that will check for the
existence of a file?  I was going to use find / -name <filename> -print
and then use an if then statement to check for the output of the
find command.  Does a single command exist that would do all of this in
one line?

Bourne Shell question

I have 16 sets of 8 characters beginning with the letter C in a file.
I want to read one 8 character set at a time and load that character
set in another file (call this file FILE1).  FILE1 will check this
character set and produce a positive or negative output.  If positive
the character set should go to FILE2 and if negative the next set of
eight characters should be read and the process should begin all over.

Thankyou very Much!

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