LEX question -- can yytext be overwritten safely?

LEX question -- can yytext be overwritten safely?

Post by Mike Kels » Thu, 18 Nov 1993 10:31:38

I have perused O'Reilly's "lex & yacc" book (2d edition) to no avail.  In
a standalone lexer (no yacc grammar), can the execution code for a matched
expression overwrite the contents of yytext?
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1. Question: lex/yacc yytext buf size (YYLMAX)

Solaris 2.5:

I have a question about lex/yacc and the size of the token buffer.  I am
trying to
increase the size of this buffer from its default size.  This buffer,
yytext, is
defined to be YYLMAX bytes, where YYLMAX defaults to BUFSIZ (1024).  The

"MKS LEX & YACC" book states that you can change this by redefining it
in the
definitions section of the lex source.  I tried doing this, but it still
seems to have a max
size of 1024 bytes.  However, on HP-UX, AIX, and Unixware it works fine.

In looking at the generated C code (filename_lex.c), I can see that
YYLMAX is indeed
redefined (in fact, I gret the warning "macro redefined: YYLMAX" when
However, the yytext character buffer is defined only once.  This differs
from HP-UX,
where yytext is redefined again later on in the filename_lex.c file.

Does anyone know if the size of the token buffer (yytext) can be
increased on Solaris?
If so, how do you do it?

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