unix ultra 2 and windows 2000 network +

unix ultra 2 and windows 2000 network +

Post by <p.. » Mon, 21 Apr 2003 02:54:23

I have 4 systems
1.) unix ultra 2 and whever is inside not sure just knows it runs and I want
to learn how to use it before I have to give it back

2.) windows 2000 1.4 ghz 60 gigs and more then enough toys to make it
welcome on any network

3.) windows 98 desktop  built on one of those lindows 800 mhz $200 systems
from wal-mart online

4.) laptop with duel boot windows 2000 and maybe solais later today 500mhz

I want my network+ cert then server+ and want to build a network that will
help me learn the most I can in the 5 week time I have the unix box

I have demo of novell and solairs and 120 dat version of windows pro /
server so I think I'm ready for anything my mind can create

if you reply please don't forget to drop a name of protocols or software I
may need to use for the netowrk