Opinions on Intel-based UNIX packages

Opinions on Intel-based UNIX packages

Post by Preston Bea » Fri, 01 Oct 1993 12:39:43

Dear Netland,
  I have a project which is going on at my workplace which will be
allowing us to have UNIX.  The boss has decided that the best
(i.e. cheapest) way to do so would be to run UNIX off of a 486
machine.  I need to find out opinions on what the best package
of intel-based UNIX there exists.  We have already looked a
bit at SCO but I am just seeing what else is out there. I
would need a package which would be able to handle TCP/IP
as well. Please give your opinions as well as any problems some
of the packages have. I would also be interested in phone numbers/
addresses from which I can get more information on each of the
different packages available. Please help me if possible.
Thanks in advance.

p.s. Please email replys since I am not always able to get to
the USENET groups in time to see responses. Thank you.


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Can someone give me the status of the Intel-proposed standard for
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When will the following vendors supply a UNIX implementation that
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        - Interactive
        - Sun (i.e., the PC-based SunOS that SunSoft just announced)
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