-recovering data from corrupted tape->a Referral

-recovering data from corrupted tape->a Referral

Post by john bartol; excel; 421-43 » Thu, 03 Jun 1993 07:40:35

A recent poster (lost the post, sorry) mentioned he needed to recover data from
a tape which had been accidentally 'tar'red over.

I had mentioned I knew of a company which might be able to help. I have decided
to post their address (at least the address they had when I used their
services 1.5 years ago. It might save someone the agony I went through trying to
find them.

Vogon Enterprises
94 Gasthampstead Rd.
Wokingham, Berkshire
RG112JD, England
Contact: Sally Stevenson
Phone: 44+(0)734-890042
Fax:         734-890040

I believe they can work with most, if not all, types of tape media. It is not a
cheap service (400-500 pounds/ 8hr.shift) but if you absolutely must have your
tape reconstructed, or data retrieved, it may be worthwhile.

If you have any questions about my experience with them, give me an e-mail

If you feel that this was an unwarranted use of bandwidth, then flame me...
BUT, I think this was justified.

John Bartol.  Zadall Systems Group Inc., Burnaby B.C., Canada


1. Recovering data from corrupted tar file(on tape)

Here's my story, i was gonna do another backup using tar
to my tape drive and was gonna check what was on the tape.
I was supposed to do a "tar -tvf /dev/nrmt0" but i accidently
typed "tar -cvf /dev/nrmt0".  Anyway, now my tape drive
complains "tar: can't open /dev/nrmt0 : I/O error".
I guess i must have corrupted the first part of the
archive since i realized it a few seconds later and hit ctrl-c.
I prefer to be able to read the rest of the files on the tape
as i hardly want to lose my backup.  I tried messing with mt
but that didn't help much(maybe coz i didn't really know what
to use).  Anyway, any help on how i could recover my data
would be great.  Reply ASAP as i need to make another backup of my
driver RSN.  Reply here or mail me at the below email.



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