delay telnet'ing and ftp'ing to System V SVR4

1. Help ftp'ing and telnet'ing

I have a LAN with two Linux boxes and an SGI. Both machines are running
RH5.0 kernel 2.0.31. One of the Linux boxes was upgraded from RH4.0
(call it machine 1) while the other machine  (machine 2) is a new
install of RH5.0.  Any user can ftp or telnet into or out of machine 1
or the SGI however, machine 2 will only allow ftp and telnet out of
itself but will not allow anyone to ftp or telnet into it. Is there a
configuration file I need to modify to achieve this capability ? Also, I
can't ftp or telnet to machine 1 as root.

Please email me if you might know what I need to modify or what might be
missing to either query.

Thanks for all of your help.

Saif A. Warsi

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