detecting memory leaks

detecting memory leaks

Post by Vijay_An.. » Fri, 31 Jul 1992 06:43:50

What are the different ways by which one can detect core leaks in large
programs? Are there any programs in the public domain that do this? If
there are none, could someone enunciate the different ways by which one
can go about detecting leaks. I would like to collate such replies and
work on such a package some day...

Vijay Anand


1. Can 'top' detect memory leak?


My program seems to be memory leak while I use 'top' to monitor the
processes and check 'SIZE' column, the number is growing bigger and
bigger at a rate of 8M/second...terrible...  But I was also told
that 'top' is not accurate in calculating memory consumption for
processes.  So my problem is if this is true and what tool could do
such detection?  Freeware could be best.


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