Two root file file systems ?

Two root file file systems ?

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Is is possible to have another root file system, on say an external
drive?  How would this be set up on a V5 like system?  How would you
boot from it?  


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1. Enhanced Filing system - file system like DEC Advanced File system for Linux

    Some time ago I was involved in discussion on this news group regarding the
design of a new file system for Linux.  The main aim is to support dynamic size
changing by adding/removing partitions from the file system at run time without
interrupting processes that are using the file system.  Another major feature is
logging so that a system crash or power failure can be recovered from without
data loss or an excessive amount of time spent running FSCK.

  This project is now going ahead, if you are interested then please load up the
following URL:

Russell Coker

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