Word Perfect Documentation

Word Perfect Documentation

Post by Don William » Fri, 25 Apr 2003 11:59:54

I've finally managed to get a copy of WP 5.0 for Open Server and it works,
but there is no documentation.

I contacted every company who ever had their hands on this product and none
of them have any documentation nor do they care what anyone does with it.
Sort of like a passive move into public domain.

Anyhow, I am tracking a version 5.1 which has some bug fixes.

Does anyone have any idea where I can get some info on using the product?
There is a help system, but it's not that good, very indirect.


Don Williams
dwilli10 at san dot rr dot com


1. Symbolic Links and Corel Word Perfect

I have attempted to install the Corel Word Perfect Suite numerous times without success.

The apparent problem is that Word Perfect is installed in  the directory which is part of the
root directory. My root directory and the majority of others is usually about 100mb.

Since the Word Perfect Suite is 125mb ir never successfully installs in the /opt directory because
it is too large a program.

The logical suggestion is to create a symbolic link between the /opt directory and an artificially
created directory called usr/opt. My user directory is 1.5gb so theoretically that should do the trick.

However after creating the symbolic link and rebooting ,he software still installs itself into the
/opt directory with dismal results.

I also created the directories:  usr/opt/wp70 and /opt/wp70 and then linking them with megative

I even tried reversing the links and again no dice.

I attempted hard linking but the system would not allow it.

The thing that troubles me is that another user on this group sucessfully utilized
the above method. I'm wondering if there is an application that checks on the
symbolic links, detects errors and then corrects.

Thanx in advance


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