KCL on a 750 under 4.3.

KCL on a 750 under 4.3.

Post by Jin Mazumd » Sat, 24 Mar 1990 00:43:00

        I would like to get in touch with anyone who has installed KCL
(Kyoto Common Lisp) on a VAX 11/750 running 4.3 BSD.  I was able to
run a compiled version but was unable to generate one on my machine.

        I am able to compile the raw KCL but then when it starts
loading the other stuff I end up with

Finished loading ../cmpnew/cmpopt.lsp
Warning: COMPILE-FILE is being redefined.
Warning: COMPILE is being redefined.
Warning: DISASSEMBLE is being redefined.
Warning: LISP-IMPLEMENTATION-VERSION is being redefined.sh: 8019 Memory fault - core dumped
*** Exit 139

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1. SuperMicro 750-S a disappointment compared to 750-A

After receiving a SuperMicro 750-A case I thought, "wow, now this is
a case!"  Thinking the 750-S would be just as good, I ordered one to
replace an older case.  Alas, the 750-S is quite a disappointment
compared to the 750-A.  It's like a cheap half-hearted immitation of
the 750-A.

1.  Where the 750-A has three rows of air inlet slots on each side
    of the case adjacent to the drive bays, the 750-S has only one

2.  The drive rails block what little air might be pulled in or
    pushed out through those slots.

3.  The rear exhaust fan in the 750-A is a 4-inch (120mm) fan.  It's
    a 3-inch (80mm) fan in the 750-S.

4.  In the 750-A both the auxilliary fan and an internal 3-1/2" drive
    cage can be mounted at just about any position on two separate
    sets of slide rails.  The 750-S has just two fixed positions.
    You can swap 'em or remove 'em, but that's it.

5.  I seem to have been shorted on plastic snap-on fan mounting
    enclosures.  My 750-A came with seven (7) of them.  The 750-S
    came with only four (4).

6.  The motherboard mounting plate is removable, but only by removing
    a zillion screws.  With that in mind, it doesn't appear to have
    been designed to be removed.  Of course, it's not removable at all
    under any circunstances in the 750-A, so although this is an
    additional disappointment, it's not any worse than the 750-A.

Mind you, compared to my old case, the 750-S is still much better.
Even with its shortcommings, the 750-S makes much better use of
the available space.  It's also light years ahead in the airflow
department.  It was also less expensive than my old case (purchased
four years ago at that).

- Dan

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