Unix - Run Queue Length

Unix - Run Queue Length

Post by Siva G. Narend » Sun, 07 Nov 1993 02:51:48

Hi Friends:

I was wondering if any of you know any commmand in Unix
which will give the average run-queue length other than
sar -q

Thanks in advance.



1. How to find job run queue length in UNIX?

  How to find the length of run queue in a UNIX system? I am referring to the
regular run queue including all levels of priority, not the batch job queue.

  I am using Sun OS 4.1.2 on SPARC stations.

  Thank you very much,

   Xiannong Meng
   Visiting Assistant Professor
   Department of Computer Science
   Bucknell University
   Lewisburg, PA 17837

   Xiannong Meng
   Visiting Assistant Professor
   Department of Computer Science
   Bucknell University

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