Pointer: Foiling spam and other procmail email-filter tips

Pointer: Foiling spam and other procmail email-filter tips

Post by Timo Sal » Tue, 09 Nov 1999 04:00:00

The gentle readers processing their email on a Unix-system, or
getting their email through a Unix-based system, might be interested
in the following information.

 Foiling Spam with an Email Password System

 1. An Email Password System
 2. Further useful links about spam
 3. Comments and Questions about Timo's Method

 Timo's procmail tips and recipes

 1. I want to filter my email automatically. How do I get started
    with procmail?
 2. Building a testbench. How can I test individual procmail
 3. I know how to make "and" rules in procmail recipes, but how do I
    make "or" rules?
 4. How can one perform multiple shell commands on the action line?
 5. How can I find out what the subject of a posting is?
 6. How do I get a copy of the headers of all the incoming email
    into a separate file?
 7. Would you give some further hints for spam foiling recipes?
 8. I have limited disk space. How can I truncate long messages?
 9. How can I quickly test if my rules with regular expressions
10. How can I detect if the email comes, say, from the .com domain?
11. What alternatives do I have to detect a sender all through the
    various header-fields?
12. How can I extract the address of the sender's postmaster?
13. How can I weed out an inordinately long recipient list?
14. What is this procmail scoring? How can I utilize it?
15. How can I test if the subject is empty or if the subject field
    is missing altogether?
16. How can I modify the "To:" field of the email I received?
17. I have a long list of spammers in a separate file. How can I
    utilize it?
18. How do I forward certain messages that I get, and preserve myself a
19. I tried out your tips, but some of them failed on my system. What
20. Is there a cure for the echo and grep blues?
21. What unix manuals relating to procmail should I get?
22. I liked this material. Do you have anything else on programming?

   All the best, Timo

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