strange streams socket symantics

strange streams socket symantics

Post by Josh N. Pritik » Tue, 10 Mar 1992 03:04:09

I have written three programs that communicate with each other through
INET streams sockets---

prog A
listens on port X
listens on port Y

prog B
listens on port X
connects to prog A on port Y

prog C
connects to prog A on port X
connects to prog B on port X

I had a lot of trouble with this until I found out about SO_REUSEADDR.
:-) Anyway, I'm still having occational problems.  Sometime, prog C
will think its connected to prog B while prog B will still be blocking
in select. I'm fairly sure all the fd masks are set correctly because
this problem only happens sometimes.

Is there something I may not be doing? Is there I man page I missed? I
suppose I should check to see if my threads package is messing things
up somehow.


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1. How to push STREAMS module into socket stream

I understand that the kernel network subsystem is implimented as
STREAMS. So socket in this sense is also implemented as STREAMS.
I created a streams module and tried to push the module between IP and
TCP. The xx_open and xx_close of the streams module is called but the
xx_put function never gets called. An ioctl (..I_LIST) shows that the
module IS pushed into the socket stream.

can anyone help me with this. I need to push a STREAMS module between
TCP and IP(IP and network driver).


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