Sys V / 386

Sys V / 386

Post by Stuart Lyn » Mon, 02 Jul 1990 01:50:00

I'm contemplating the use of Bell Technologies System V, Release 3, port to
the Intel 386 on a Compaq 386 Model 130. With 4 or 5 MB total memory, a six
port intelligent communications card (again Bell Tech's ICC card).

Has anyone out there used this configuration? Or something similiar?

What kinds of experiences have people had with Bell Technologies? They seem
to be fairly organized on the phone. And definitely have the right attitude
about the cost :-).

Would three programmers be to much for this system? We'll be working on a
common project so it's unlikely that to many massive multiple make's will be
going on at once. Subjectively speaking, will each programmer have the
equivalent of say Xenix on an 8Mhz PC/AT? (Fast enough, but you really wish
you could have got the 12Mhz model.)

Bell Technologies claims that their system is a generic System V, with no
proprietary enhancements. What have they left out so they could charge about
a third of their major competitors?

I saw some benchmarks with Xenix 386 on an Intel Inboard 386/AT at 16Mhz
with the cache enabled. Dhrystone 4603/4922. Is this realistic, and will
there be comparable results from a Compaq 386 at 16Mhz?

Any comments or suggestions will be appreciated. Please respond by mail. I
will post a summary if enough material to do so.


Stuart Lynne    ihnp4!alberta!ubc-vision!van-bc!sl     Vancouver,BC,604-937-7532


Sys V / 386

Post by t.. » Mon, 02 Jul 1990 10:04:00

Quote:> And definitely have the right attitude about the cost :-).

I hope that is meant to be a joke.  Bell Tech is one of the more higher priced
outfits around.  For example charging a premium (sp) price for a standard
Toshiba hard drive.

If you want 'em, you got'em.

Tony Holden


1. FS: SCO UNIX Sys V/386 Dev. Sys Release 3.2

SCO UNIX System V/386 Development System, with all manuals, media,
registration cards and activation keys. This is Release 3.2.2,
designed to be installed on Version 2.0 of the SCO UNIX System V/386
Release 3.2 Operating System. Date on Registration card 05/07/91.

All manuals are still shrinkwrapped and the volumes are:
* C Language Guide
* Library Guide
* Programmer's Guide
* Programmer's Reference
* Device Driver Writer's Guide
* Developer's Guide
* CodeView/MASM
* ISAM User's Reference
* Product Engineering Toolkit Guide

Media appears to be 5.25" only. 2 pink unfilled registration cards with
attached activation keys are included. Release notes and license agreement
are also present. Package appears to be complete.

Asking $49 + sh. (bulky because of the documentation)
Prepay only. US buyers only please.

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