Kernel Mode Error

Kernel Mode Error

Post by Lou Dellavers » Wed, 03 Feb 1993 02:16:38

your latest kernel build creates a kernel mode error."

Thank you to the people that responded.

The answer:
When booting and the message "Booting the UNIX system..." is
displayed, press any key and the bootloader will ask for
the name of the kernel to be booted. Enter "unix.old" ( or whatever
name the old kernel was saved as) the system then boots with the
old kernel.

One note, it is probably a good idea to then copy unix.old to
another name, in case your attempt to fix the kernel problem
creates another bad kernel and unix.old was just replaced by the old
bad kernel.

Thanks again.


1. Kernel mode error - PANIC: k-trap

We have a customer site where about every 3-4 weeks we get the following
error which shuts the system down:

Unexpected trap in kernel modem

PANIC: k-trap - kernel modem trap 0x0000000E
trying to dump 4000 pages to dumpdev hd 1/41 at block 0

This PANIC does not get written to the /usr/adm/messages file

No other indications of a problem.  They turn the machine off and back off
(after a brief pause) and then it will run fine for another month....

This is a 486dx50 Mhz machine, with 16mb of memory, Adaptec 1542CF
controller, SCSI 670mb HD, Wangtek 250mb tape, dual floppy, Digiboard PCx
16 port multiport controller, running SCO UNIX 3.2v4.2
The software they run is RealWorld v6.5 and Crossroads Dispatching software.

I am at a loss to see what is going on here.  Nothing was found by looking
in the IT scripts.

Thanks for any comments.


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