Virtual FTP Sites with wu-ftp

Virtual FTP Sites with wu-ftp

Post by Steven Alexso » Wed, 08 Apr 1998 04:00:00

I am trying to setup a virtual FTP site on a BSDi 3.0 box with wu-ftp. I
have the host.allow file all set. I need to know how to configure the
ftpaccess file for the different domains that are going to have virtual FTP
sites. Each site will have it's own directory structure (i.e.,
/www/ What happens now, without the ftpaccess file
configured, is that the domains are accepted by the box for ftp access, but
they all end up in the same directory.

If anyone can offer any help on configuring the ftpaccess file, please



1. configuring virtual ftp (wu-ftp)

In the instructions for setting up virtual ftp support in wu-ftp,
it says that the software must be compiled with "-DVIRTUAL added
to the CFLAGS in the makefile".  For the wu-ftp that is distributed
with BSDI, is this already done, or do I have to recompile and

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