Y2k problems on Unix

Y2k problems on Unix

Post by Mukund Ra » Tue, 24 Jun 1997 04:00:00

Hmm... Thanks for the feedback. I gathered that you can use the %date
command to set the year. Using the date command at the command line, you
can only set the year field to a two-digit value. I discovered that:

user set value  --> is translated to:        system generated date

00 - 37                                 2000 - 2037
38 - 69                                 illegal range/denied
70 - 99                                 1970 - 1999

> >dates and running some queries, etc. Just by looking at the manpage for
> >"date", attached below, I don't see how you could set a date beyond 1999.

> >All feedback on this issue, as well as feedback on how one can go about
> >setting the date on an AIX machine to beyond 1999 would be greatly
> >appreciated.

> The date command is broken on many UNIX systems.  So are touch, SCCS and many
> other commands. If you want to set the date to beyond the year 2000,
> you can use the settimeofday system call to do this.

> If you want to just use the date command, one brain-damaged solution is
> to set the date to 11:59:59 PM on December 31, 1999.  Wait a second, then
> set the date to 11:59:59 PM on December 31 (defaults to the current year
> (now 2000)) wait a second...  When you get to the right year, set the date
> to what you want for the current year.

> There are some serious Year-2000 problems with UNIX.

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1. Y2K Problem on Solaris and other UNIX System

I have not checked the newswgroup lately.  Don't know if this problem has been
addressed or resolved yet.

the "date -u" command allow you to set Feb 29, Feb 30, and Feb 31
and give you a date of Mar 1, Mar 2 and Mar 3 respectively.

Also for months that do not have 31 days, if set to it, such as Sep 31, it
will give you Oct 1 without giving an error.  

It happens the same on Linux 2.0.27.  Probably same for most of other UNIX

Cisco IOS is having the same problem and they acknowledge and provide
fixes for subsequent IOS release.

Huy Vo

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