Does nslookup affect any network related files?

Does nslookup affect any network related files?

Post by Yi Qin (BCW P » Fri, 03 Jun 1994 02:15:03

Hello, netters.

This may relate to my problem I posted to this group early on.
To describe the problem again, I have everything running including
ping ( :-) ) after I install Consensys SVR4.2. But if I do nslookup,
the system command hangs. After I kill the nslookup command, I can
no longer ping again. (I had set up hosts and resolv.conf, btw.)

ping: hangs.
telnet: Cannot assign requested address.

In the next reboot, the Ethernet base I/O address checking was not
displayed. So I assusme some device table was corrupted, and pssibly
the system failed to make a device entry. ifconfig -a gives me nothing.
The system concerned is an Intel486 machine.

Please could anyone help me diagnose the cause of the problem. You
are welcome to email me discussing about more details of the problem.
Is there anything other files I need to touch when I set up TCP/IP,
to make it working stably. I don't run named on my machine. The nameserver
is pointed to in resolv.conf.


Yi Qin


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