Basic News Question, we lost our sysadmin

Basic News Question, we lost our sysadmin

Post by Ed Sinama » Thu, 25 Feb 1993 06:10:32

Our System Admin left a while ago and the compnay is not going to
replace him, the engineers take turns with the duties.  Unfortunatly
no one has time to look after the Usenet groups.  So our JUNK group
has become very large as we are not creating the new groups.  My question
is could anyone give us a hint as to how to create the proper structure
so that a new Usenet group can be properly viewed instead of ending up
in the junk group.  Also how do we get rid of groups that we no longer
want.  We know how to start and stop or news feed from sending us various
groups but no one here either knows or has the time to figure it out.  We
are running a SunOS network with Sparc's and PC's running PC-NFS.  From
the little I have been able to figure out we need to modify our active file
and then our .newsrc that each user has.  Most people use nn to actually
view the groups.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.  Please email any ideas to

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Basic News Question, we lost our sysadmin

Post by David Hu » Tue, 02 Mar 1993 01:04:09

Can you please indicate what NEWS software your are running B NEWS or C NEWS?


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