unix binary diff/patch tool

unix binary diff/patch tool

Post by International Imaging Sys » Sat, 22 May 1993 05:37:18

Is there a tool/utility available that can compare two binary
files and make a "patch" that can be installed with the same or
another utility to make a binary file into the one it was diffed
against (e.g. similar to diff for text files)?  

Thanks in advance


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Dear All

I am interested in a tool that can help me compare 2 binary files and
spit me out the difference.
(works like diff).  I cannot use GNU cmp because if my files have 200
bytes, if byte 14 to byte 19 is
different, everything after byte 19 to byte 200 is going to be different
as well.
Doing a diff on a text file, on the contrary, will only produce the
different lines and sync up
after the difference.

Any tips/pointers?  Please email me directly.  Thanks a lot!!


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