Using Zmodem for file transfer over a direct connection.

Using Zmodem for file transfer over a direct connection.

Post by Brian Degregor » Sat, 07 Jan 1995 05:45:45

Could anyone tell me if their is something special that must be done on
either the unix or pc end to transfer files over a direct connection using
z/y/xmodem. I can get them to work over a modem connection but not a
null-modem connection.

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1. zmodem file transfer using rz

Greetings, Linux enthusiasts
Im not very versed in serial ports communications.
Here1s my dilemma.

Im trying to automate a file transfer of a Linux PC1(RH 7.2) using
zmodem protocol and a 3-wire null RS232 serial cable.

Using minicom I can set up the line to disable hardware control (I only have
3 wires)
and I can transfer files without a hitch at 38400 bps. The catch is that the
receiving machine
cannot use minicom because is has to be automated (no terminal)
so Im using the program  ?rz1

minicom uses rz too but somehow ?sets up the line1 before starting the

When I try rz in the receiving side I type the line ?rz > /dev/ttyS01 and
when I start sending the
file using minicom on the remote side the handshake occurs and the the
receiving side goes into
RETRY0...RETRY...0 and then times out. Everything indicates that prior to
launch rz in the receiving
side I have to ?prep1 the serial connection...BUT I DON1T KNOW HOW. The rz
man pages does not
cover how to set up your serial flow control or bps.

If I just type rz, like all manuals suggest the data is not sent to the
/dev/ttyS0 but to console
(screen) and it just times out. the man pages talk about a syntax like ?rz
[options] [filename.if.xmodem]

but I have no idea what filename.if.xmodem means.

Thank you in advance.

Long Live Linux.

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